7th - Ambition


Welcome 2021-2022 Team Ambition Students, Parents, and Guardians!

Information about our team's policies, expectations, daily homework assignments, and announcements can be found by exploring our Google Classroom site. 

To join our Team Ambition Google Classroom, go to Google and type in "Google Classroom." STUDENTS MAY JOIN USING THIS CODE: srszwud

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. 



Strongly Suggested School Materials

· Four 1—1.5 inch 3-ring binders

(Different colors for each is recommended—one binder for all classes is NOT recommended)

· Notebook paper (lined)

· Pens (Blue and/or black ONLY)

· Pencils

· Highlighters (2 different colors)



Additional Recommended Materials:

· Calculator (TI-30X IIS recommended)

· Markers

· Colored Pencils

· 3 hole punch that clips into binder


Math Textbook Link




Mr. Abeles

717-244-4022 ext. 2252

[email protected]



Language Arts

Mrs. Urey

717-244-4022 ext. 2250

[email protected]



Mrs. Reustle

717-244-4022 ext. 2244

[email protected]


Mr. Tanner

717-244-4022 ext. 2240

[email protected]


Gifted Support

Mrs. Connelly

717-244-4022 ext. 2243

[email protected]