How can I help support the school with the 1-to-1 program?

  • Encourage your child to be a problem-solver.
  • Consistently remind your child to make responsible choices.
  • Promote healthy Digital Citizenship.
  • Model patience and problem solving.

Will the school provide a case and/or accessories for the device?

Dallastown has provided a case. Students should bring their own earbuds. Earbuds and external computer mice are available for purchase in our school store. If it is not possible for families to supply necessary accessories, our district will provide what is needed.

How and where should devices be stored/cared for at home?

As with all other school supplies (textbooks, pens, etc.), please assist your child in finding a safe place to keep school materials.

What is my family’s responsibility for loss or breakage in school, out of school, or both?

Students who choose (with parental consent) to bring their Chromebooks home must make a one-time annual payment of $25 that serves as insurance for the device. This $25 fee covers the cost of any initial repair/replacement caused by accidental damage regardless of severity. Subsequent repairs and replacements for accidental damage will each be $25. Damages/destruction deemed the result of malicious negligence and/or intent will result in a bill for the full cost of repair/replacement. Financial assistance is available based upon need. Contact your child’s principal for more information.

Students who choose (with parental acknowledgement) not to bring their Chromebooks out of the school setting will not be subject to the one-time, $25 fee. The carrying case is not covered under this insurance plan.

Is there an insurance plan for devices bought by families and/or for devices loaned to families by schools or districts?

Personal devices purchased by individual students or their families (tablets, laptops, phones, etc.) will not be covered under any type of school district insurance. The school district and its employees will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal devices/property.

Is there an acceptable use policy (AUP)? Where can I find it?

Yes. Click here to view district policies related to technology.

What are the school’s disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use?

Disciplinary actions will be the same for inappropriate behavior, online or offline.

How will schoolwork be affected if my child loses the privilege to use the device?

Students are expected to complete all assignments. The purpose of the device is to enhance the learning experience for the student...not define the task itself. In the event that a student loses the privilege, he/she will be provided with an alternative avenue which does not require internet access for attending to the learning objective(s).

What is my family’s responsibility in monitoring what my child does on the device at home?

Because the device is school district property, the student is subject to appropriate school discipline (as per the student handbook), possible loss of internet and device privilege, and possible legal consequences. It is in the best interest of parents/guardians to have open dialogue with their child about the responsibilities associated with digital citizenship and to have an awareness of their child’s online activity.

Will the device need to be connected to the internet to complete homework assignments?

Ideally, students should be connected to the internet to complete homework, but students are able to use their Chromebooks offline if necessary. 

Is the school using a content filter for internet browsing?

Yes, both at school and at home.

What are the specs and configuration of the device?

Lenovo N21 Chromebook

  • Memory, 2 GB 
  • Weight, 2.8 pounds
  • Screen display, 11.6 inches
  • Battery life, 8 hours
  • Intel Celeron N2840 Dual Cor processor

Can my child and I configure or personalize the device in any way?

Yes.Students may personalize their Chromebooks on the "inside" by changing the wallpaper, adding their own school appropriate photos, etc. Students may not personalize the outside of the Chromebook.Cases may be personalized with keychains on the zipper, but no stickers or anything permanent may be applied to the case.

What are the expectations around using the Chromebook at home? Is it just for schoolwork or can my child use it for personal or entertainment reasons?

Students can use the Chromebook for both educational and personal use. Students have signed DASD’s Acceptable Use Policy and need to follow Dallastown’s policies. Click here to view district policies related to technology.

Who else can use my child’s device?

Students and family members only. If a family member uses the device, the student will be held responsible for any inappropriate activity on this school device.

Can we download free Chrome apps on the device?


Will students have email accounts?

Students are issued DASD email accounts: [email protected]

How can I access or view my child’s digital work?

Login with your child’s credentials: DASD email address and DASD password.

What kind of tech support will we have outside of school hours?

Because we are encouraging students to solve their own problems, no Help Desk is available for students outside school hours. Students who have exhausted alternative options to a solution, will notify their classroom teacher who will contact the Help Desk during school hours. Students should be reminded that they are responsible for their schoolwork, with or without technology. Students may need to complete schoolwork with paper and pencil. Again, the purpose of the Chromebook device is to enhance the learning experience...not drive the learning.

How can I help support the school with this 1-to-1 program?

  • Encourage your child to be a problem-solver.
  • Consistently remind your child to make responsible choices.
  • Promote healthy Digital Citizenship.
  • Model patience and problem solving.
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