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8th Grade American History
               with Mr. Wingard

Scott A. Wingard:  I am a man of faith, husband, father, and teacher.  I enjoy teaching very much and love the fact that my students keep me young at heart.  I have had the honor of teaching 8th Grade American History in two states and three districts over my career.  The 2018-19 school year will be my twelfth year here at Dallastown. I am also the person who plans the Williamsburg Outbound trip.  I have been married to my wife Eileen, who is a Physical Therapist, for 34 years.  We have two children… my daughter, “Doctor Lauren” is a Physical Therapist and lives in Virginia Beach.  My son, Barrett, is a third year medical student at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, Illinois.  Both my children graduated from Dallastown and played volleyball at high school as well as at college.  My family’s passion is traveling this great country of ours!  We spent this past year in the American Southwest from Colorado to California.  I feel I am a life long learner.  As a matter of fact, I spent a large portion of this past summer in Boulder, Colorado taking classes at Colorado University... home of the Buffalos! I find attending classes around this wonderful country of ours during the summer months both personally and professionally rewarding.  Hopefully you too will see yourself as a life long learner before this school year is at an end.  Professionally, I really enjoy working with middle school students and will do all I can to provide you with an exciting, diverse and in-depth program that will help you get ready for the high school and beyond.  Please know that your success is my success and I will do everything in my power to help you.  However, it will take your parents, myself, and especially YOU working as a team to help you get everything you need to prepare you for YOUR  continued journey in life.  Please understand that I have an open-door policy and would like to encourage you to come to me with any of your concerns and comments. Make the most of what you have and take your shot!  Best of Luck for a wonderful last year at the middle school.


Course Description: In Eighth Grade we will be covering our story… that is the story of the United States of America.  We will begin our year by looking at the establishment of the Thirteen English Colonies in America (c. 1600).  From there we will go through our early story chronologically up to and including the re-construction of our Union following the United States Civil War (1877).  Throughout the year we will make connections with events in history to our own lives in contemporary times. 


Class Framework:  Most units will contain a variety of approaches to promote an interest in the topics covered.  This will allow you an opportunity to “shine” while working within a medium that you feel excited about.  Additionally, it will help you grow as a learner as you work through areas that you find more challenging. 


Classroom Philosophy: Every student can and should appreciate the contributions of those who have made our great country a place to be proud of.  Every citizen has the right and obligation to be a part of America’s present and future.  In American History this year we will work on connecting the past with the present and provide an opportunity for our young people to appreciate their heritage. 

History class will be a place where all students can experience great success.  The only limit to this success will be the student’s drive and determination. 


Homework: Each unit will contain a minimum reading assignment of one chapter.  Many of these reading assignments will require you to complete some kind of analysis of your reading. These assignments will be given at the start of every unit with the unit syllabus and will enable you to establish a homework schedule that fits your personal schedule.  It is very important that you are made aware of the fact that you CAN NOT FAIL history class if you complete ALL the work that is asked of you.  Additional homework thoughts;

A>You may turn in your assignments early.  If you are not happy with the grade, you may correct your work and re-submit it as long as it is turned in before the due date.

B> You may have TWO one-day extensions on any homework assignment each marking period...ONLY TWO! You must write a short explanation and request for the extension and turn it in on the due date.

C> You will be given a homework pass on your birthday that can be used for any homework assignment.


GOT HONOR – Students will be required to act “honorably’ towards one another on the Revolution Team and the middle school as a whole.  Every week, students will be required to write a paragraph about an honorable act they have done at the middle school.  Students will be given 10 points for this activity.  However, Mr. Wingard will take away some of those points when he sees students acting less than honorably.

Community Service- Students will be required to do one small Community Service Project every marking period.  It is hoped that students will begin to make the world a better place by making their neighborhood a better place because they are a part of it. 


Grading: Grading will be determined through the accumulation of points.  To give you a general understanding of how these points will be earned here is a short list of regular assessment areas… all points are approximate;

  • A>Unit test (50 points) D> Community Service (50 points)
  • B>Occasional quiz (25 points) E> Got Honor (10 points each)
  • C>Homework (each around 25 points) F> Citizenship Points


In addition to these standard areas you will also have grades on maps, video activities, projects, etc.


Suggested Supplies: pens, pencils, COLORED PENCILS, ear buds (for computer work) and a notebook.

Classroom Guidelines: A> Do what you are to do when you are to do it.

                                                    B> Be where you are supposed to be when you are
         supposed to be there.

                                                    C> Act the way you are to act… make your family proud!


Supplemental Textbook Available on-line at

                                    User ID: nstudent336      password: w6x7

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