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This is a picture of Max Fetrow's remarkable origami.


We were given a spot in the high school Physics Olympics (thank you to the HS science teachers for welcoming us). The team had to consist of 5 members. Congrats to Astha, Ean, Arnav, Nick,and Ashton. Enjoy the pictures and the link to the York Dispatch news coverage.




We have great ideas for the final marking period. The 8th graders have decided to continue with 3D designs, creating a mini-version of the high school Physics Olympics, entering the Red Nose Challenge, and research in the area of modern American history.  The 7th graders are continuing with their advocacy and STEM projects. Boats are being built, the 3D printer is being used, and scripts are being written for filming in the One Button Studio. 



Announcement:  Students were given information about Millersville University's Summer Science Training Program. This is for academically talented students entering grades 8th-12th. It is an amazing opportunity to work closely with professors in the fields of science and technology.  


Congratulations to Helen Zardus for being selected to attend the National Middle School Honors Choir.  


Congratulations to our science fair participants. Arnav Bal, Ean Dudley, Ibnat Meah and Astha Ray were selected from our high school fair to advance to the county science fair. Astha won Grand Champion of our Junior Division in our high school fair. Ibnat won Grand Champion of the Junior Division at the county fair. Ibnat also was selected to display her project at the IEEE-ISEC 2017 conference at Princeton University.




Over the next several weeks I will be meeting with students and team teachers to collect information to update the GIEPs.


GIEP meetings will be held at the end of April and throughout May.  


For our students entering 9th grade, our GIEP meetings will include both Mr. Fickes (HS gifted support teacher) and myself.  Mr. Fickes and I have arranged for a few of the high school seminar students to meet with our 8th grade seminar students. They will have an opportunity to ask about pathways, classes, and clubs. This meeting is set for March 3rd. This date will move with weather cancellations.


For our students entering 8th grade, I will be holding our GIEP meetings. I will be sending home a form that will give parents/guardians an opportunity to share ideas about enrichment goals and how to best meet those goals. Students and teachers will be asked for their ideas when I meet with them over the next several weeks.  


 8th Grade Seminar-- Congratulations to the students who entered the DASD Science Fair. Your ideas and projects were creative and relevant. Good luck to the students advancing to the York County Science Fair in March. Congratulations to Astha Ray for achieving the honor of Junior High Grand Champion. Astha and Ibnat shared pictures of their boards, and I have included those below. In class for the 3rd marking period students are meeting on a flex schedule or as their UA assignment. Students are exploring projects that integrate our 3D printers, laser cutter, arduino kits, and the One Button Studio. 

ibnatboardastha board

7th Grade Seminar -- our STEM class is a continuation of goals already selected from the 2nd marking period. Students are using 3D printers, programming tools, the laser engraver, and are being asked to work within the engineering design process. Our literature study of Harrison Bergeron culminated with the showing of the short film, 2081.  Thank you to those who sent in snacks for our movie. The students will be introduced to the project titled, The Face of...  Students will work in teams to identify a controversial issue in need of advocacy. Each will be given a blank mask to decorate as a visual symbol of their topic. The team will also create a service announcement using the One Button Studio. Here is a picture of a mask that is a symbol for conservation and the protection of milkweed found in the migration path of Monarch butterflies. 


7th grade Seminar- students are starting a study of advocacy and social responsibility. We will be reading select pieces of literature, discussing varying perspectives throughout history, and then developing a project based on inpidual interests.  We will continue with our STEM projects. We just finished testing our model houses. Students will now be given a new challenge and may select from topics of personal interest, These could include programming with arduino, 3D printing, innovation/invention, laser engraving or model building.


8th grade Seminar-- students are currently meeting 3 times a cycle. Seminar is their UA class for the second marking period. Students are working either inpidually or in small group. Students have chosen projects in the following areas, engineering & design, school mural, Stock Market, and computer applications. Students who are entering the science fair were asked to register online. They should check their email regularly for announcements. Students are reminded to keep log books current.  


7th grade Seminar-- students are continuing with the Weathering the Storm project. We were delayed a bit with an early dismissal and scheduled sessions with guest speakers. The next few weeks will have our 7th grade classes exploring computer programming. We have two guest professors from York College. The students are very excited about this pilot project. We hope to expand this opportunity to the Learning Commons (library) so more students in our middle school will be able to learn the language of programming.




8th grade Seminar-- starting on November 2nd the 8th grade seminar students will be assigned to "Seminar 08" as their Unified Arts class. We will meet three times a week for 50 minutes each. Students will have the opportunity to work in groups in the areas of language arts, communications, and STEM.  Our studio areas are almost complete and the students will have the opportunity to pioneer the school initiative to connect the One Button and audio studios to the curriculum.


Students have received information about the High School/York County Science Fair and the LIU Computer Fair. Many have been reporting to the seminar room to begin their research and complete the necessary application forms. Students should share their work with me and their science teachers as we work throughout the next few months. Typically, the high school science fair is held at the end of January with the county fair in March. The computer fair is in March and is held in New Oxford at the LIU facility.



I have established a Google Classroom...We Are Alwrite...for students on different teams and grade levels to share creative writing pieces and ideas. Our first prompt has been posted as of 10/2.  The code is dx0voz5.

Join us!!







7th grade students will have seminar for two periods on Day 6. Masterminds and Phoenix students will meet period 2 & 8, and Omega students will meet period 3 & 8. All 7th grade seminar students may use the seminar room for lunch on Day 6. This will give an opportunity to share time together just to chat and catch up with one another.   


Last cycle the students were given a challenge to build a model of a truss to reinforce a paper house. We are working in the tech ed room with Mr. Goerner.  We discussed constraints, materials, and efficiency. Students started research and we are looking to build next Day 6.


8th grade students have the opportunity to create a schedule and complete an independent/small group project of choice for the 1st marking period. Some ideas that students have presented include Cupcake Wars, Science Fair projects, Creative Writing, and Debate. All students will be scheduled for seminar class (all students working on the same project goals) during the second marking period. All 8th grade students are invited to report to the seminar room during any available 8th period excluding Day 6. Students may work on seminar projects or team projects.  

 I'm Looking Forward to Seeing Everyone Soon!

 (check out the pictures on the What's Happening 2015-16 page that I added this summer)


Last week Mr. Bumsted asked if I would join the 7th grade UA/Specials rotation. I think it is a great opportunity and I accepted. This means that I will be moving our seminar room to the Learning Commons (aka library). Our seminar groups will meet in the LC and I will also teach 20 classes of the 7th grade UA/Specials. This UA will focus on the 4 C's of learning: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative thinking. Because of this change I will no longer travel to the elementary buildings to teach the gifted students at the elementary level. I am excited that I can be in the middle school every day but I will miss the students and teachers in the k-3 level.  

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