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7th Grade World Language
Connecting Cultures Through Language

The 7th Grade World Language class is meant to show the French, German, and Spanish speaking world to the students. Our main goal is not language fluency for our students. Primarily, our goal is to open their eyes to the world of Language. Also, we want students think about whether they would like to take World Language in 8th grade or simply wait until high school.
We explore 4 primary units. Below is brief summary of what students experience in the classroom.
Unit 1= Geography of French German and Spanish speaking countries (i.e. How many French speaking countries are in the world?)
Unit 2 = Adopted Words from other languages (i.e. Why is there no ham in a hamburger?)
Unit 3 = Language learning (i.e. students will learn basic phrases in all three languages)
Unit 4 = Culture Overview (i.e. holidays, common gestures, museums and artists)

8th Grade World Languages
French German and Spanish

At Dallastown Area Middle School. We offer French, German, and Spanish to 8th grade students who meet the requirements. Taking an 8th grade language is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Allows students to take AP Language in high school their senior year if they take all five levels starting in 8th grade
  • Creates more freedom in high school scheduling if students complete one year of a language in Middle School
  • Helps students find interest in possible career choices and opens the door to discover other cultures

If a student does take 8th grade language it does not award High School credit. It does count as a year of World Language that many colleges require or look for during the admission process, and it will appear on their high school transcript.

Mr. DiLiberti: [email protected]

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