Each student may be excused by their parent from participating in class two times per marking period. The student must have a note from the parent that states the date, student's name, and reason for being excused. A parent may only excuse their child for one day at a time. Each note counts for that day only. These excuses can be used for a variety of reasons (getting over a cold, twisted ankle, jammed finger, etc.). A parent note should be given to the Phys Ed teacher at the beginning of class. If a student does not have a note to be excused, he/she will be expected to participate in all class activities. Failure to do so will result in a loss of participation points


If a student needs to be excused for an extended period of time (2+ days), a doctor's note must be provided. This can be for strep throat, broken arm, strained shoulder, concussion, etc. Please be sure to have the student's name, date, how long to be excused, and reason included on the note. If the note states for the student to be excused indefinitely, that student will not be allowed to participate until cleared by a physician. Doctor's notes should be given to the school nurse so she can keep it on file. The nurse will then contact the necessary teachers. If a student is excused in excess of 4 weeks, he/she will be placed in a study hall rather than reporting for activity. This is for the safety of the student.

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