General Information

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  1. Check your rehearsal schedule.
  2. Be on time!
  3. If you know you're going to be absent or late to rehearsal, let the student director know!
  4. Pay attention, work hard, follow directions, and refrain from unnecessary talking during rehearsal.
  5. Always bring your script and a pencil to rehearsal.
  6. Take down any notes given to you and review them at home.
  7. Do your homework! And review every chance you get!
  8. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!! Have respect for your directors, your cast members, and YOURSELF!
  9. Do not tell others how to do their job!
  10. Don't talk behind backs. DO NOT BE A DIVA.
  11. Do not complain! Have a problem?? Talk to a director!
  12. Bring water to rehearsal! Stay hydrated!
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