How Can I Help My Child: Tips for Parents

How Can I Help My Child?

Tips for Parents

As parents, you want what is best for your child. As teachers, we want to provide you with various tools to helpguide you to achieve that goal. Explore some of the articles and websites below to learn more about what your child will be learning in Language Arts at the middle school level.

Below is a link to a very informative article publishing by the national PTA aboutthe Common Core Standards:

7th grade:

8th grade:

PA Common Core Writing Rubrics:

Narrative Writing Rubric- Used when students are writing a story or a narrative about a true event.

Informative Writing Rubric - Used when students are writing to inform or explain.

Argument Writing Rubric- Used when students are arguing a point or persuading.

Text Dependent Analysis Rubric- Used when students have readone or morepassages and must respond to an essay-type questions about what they have read. This is now a multi-paragraph response at the middle school level. (Old open-ended prompts)

Below is alist of various materials or resources that we feel will help your child achieve their best both while studying at home and while working in the LanguageArts classroom.


  1. Talking to the Text Strategy- utilize this Reading Apprenticeship Skill to help all readers

  2. Question and Answer Relationships (QAR)- help students understand the the relationship between what they read

    and the questions they are asked about the reading.

  3. 7 Strategies of a Good Reader- after a thirty year study, researchers determined the top 7 qualities of any good reader.

  4. GIST Reading Nonfiction Organizer- this graphic organizer can be used to help students organize ideas from a

    non-fiction text.


1. Creating a Works Cited Page -Using, students can create a Works Cited page and print it easily using this citation engine.

2. Creating a Works Cited Page/Using Internal Citations - The OWL at Perdue University is an informative cite that explains currentpractices for citing information the correct way using MLA.

3. Parts of Speech Fact Sheet- This is a quick review sheet to remind you about the basic parts of speech



  1. How to Improve Study Skills in Middle School

  2. ASPIREto study better by using these handy tricks! This link gives suggestions on how to put a proper study system in place for just about anyone.

  3. Quizlet-Make your own flashcards for free!
  4. Puzzlemaker-This is a great way to make your own review! Try making a crossword or a wordfind!
  5. Timeline You can use a timeline for just about anything! Use it to review the events in a story, to list the important events in a war, to review the sequence or process of an idea, or whatever else comes to mind!
  6. Graphic Organizers - Students can organize ideas from an entire unit by making themselves a concept map. The student comes up with category ideas (like cause of war, effects of war,army, weapons)and then begins to listspecific details abouteach category.Visual learners alsobenefit from assignment agraphic or pictureto each category.

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