Google Search Engine: Tips For Using Google Like A Pro


stopGoogle is a great tool to locate information, but your first research stop should be the databases and sites provided by our school library and your teacher(s). These are the most reliable sources because they are monitored and evaluated for educational purpose.

Explore the databases on the Power Library page, the HS research links page, World Book Online, and the Nonfiction Resources page before going to a search engine.

Google is a search engine that does not, on its own, filter sources with a middle school student in mind.

However, it does have its benefits if you are willing to use research tools.

When using Google try the following research tips.

Tip 1. To get exact search words or phrases you can use quotation marks or the AROUND tip. To get an exact word or phrase in your search results place quotation marks around your search term. If you have terms that you want to find together try placing quotation marks around the first term, type AROUND, then the amount of words that can separate the terms goes in (), then place your second term in quotations.

Example: "flu epidemic WWI"

Example: "flu epidemic" AROUND(10) "WWI"

Tip 2. To exclude a search word or phrase from your search results you can use the minus sign. You can also use this to exclude a website that you do not want in your search results.

Example: flu epidemic -WWI

Example: flu epidemic

Tip 3. To search your words or phrases in a single website type the word site: and then paste the url of the website you want to search.

Example: flu epidemic of 1918

Tip 4. If you like a particular website and you are trying to find similar websites to add to your source list then type the word related: and paste the url of your known website.


Tip 5. If you want particular file types to appear in your search results then type your search term, then filetype: and then type your file type.

Example: flu epidemic of 1918 filetype:pdf

Tip 6. If you want your search term(s) to appear in the title of your search results then type intitle: and then your search term or phrase. You can try combining quotes with this tip.

Example: intitle:flu epidemic of 1918

Tip 7: Now that you understand Search Tips, want to combine many at one time? When on your search results page, select Settings and choose Advanced Search from the drop down menu. Scroll the page and type in your specifications and limitations.

screen shot

Tip 8:Dig deep. Don't just use the short description found below your search result. Open the source and use Control F. Type your key word(s) or phrase and Google will highlight these for you. This will give you a better understanding as to whether this source will support your research.

screen shot

Tip 9. Use Google Books to locate information from published books and journals.


Google Books ( indexes millions of books and periodicals that you can search within. Many books and periodicals are available to read online for free.



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